WiFi in Fish Hoek Central (South)

WiFi in Fish Hoek Central (South)

This web site is on the Internet, if you are not otherwise connected to the Internet and you can browse it you have a usable connection to the Internet through WysJouNet WiFi hotspots.

If it works fine at the position where you are at, and, on the device you use for browsing the Internet, then you may want to acquire more access. Then please visit the Online Voucher Shop

Sometimes your device is not WiFi enabled or not strong enough to reach our wireless points. Please contact us, there might be a solution.

Fish Hoek residents in our WiFi footprint in Fish Hoek that can not, or do not want to, have ADSL installed at their residences, may also make use of our service. If you do not want to spend money on having services installed in someone elses property at a expensive monthly recurring cost, our wireless Internet service will work for you.

The rates and other detail for permanent residents are here.

The rates and other detail for visitors are here.

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