All about vouchers.

Vouchers can be bought from the Online Voucher Shop (If stock is available) now, or from Cottage 33 daily from 09h00 to 21h00. Paper vouchers can only be paid for with cash.

Our service and the voucher can ONLY be used from within our WiFi coverage zone in Fish Hoek.

Vouchers are available from your host at other establishments and might be charged for.

Vouchers are like cash, do not loose them.

Vouchers can NOT be topped up.

Voucher have the following information on them. This will indicate what they are good for:

WysJouNet Voucher Example
Explaining the voucher
1 Day Voucher
1 Day Voucher

QR Codes

If you have an App on your device that can read QR codes you can use this App to log in to the network with the QR code printed on your voucher. An App named “QRbot” will do the job for Android and iOS devices.

The total amount of information that can be up-loaded and down-loaded in Mega Byte or Giga Byte. This mean that what you send and receive are added together to form the total stated. One day vouchers have no limit.

The validity period of the voucher. The count down start when the voucher is used for the first time. This first time is the date and time, and the validity period is stated in 24 hour periods. A voucher bought and not used within 30 days from the purchase date will be be considered lost and will be deactivated. A One day voucher will only last for 24 hours from first use.

The amount of devices that can connect to our WiFi network simultaneously. If your group, for example, are 7 people each with their own device, only the amount stated will be able to connect at the same time. A One day can accommodate only one device.

All vouchers are pre-paid. The time that the voucher will be usable is stated. For example: “anytime mean: 24/7” . A One day voucher will be usable for the entire 24 hours of its duration.

If this voucher is used once our basic terms and conditions are excepted by the buyer and the user/s.

The Option refer to the values that the voucher is good for and the price that is applicable for it.

Available Options

The Username and Password that will give the user/s of the voucher access to our WiFi network. Feed this into the spaces provided on our network logon screen that will come up on your browser when you are inside our WifI Zone and connected to one of our hotspots. Some devices choose the case you type in for you, therefore, please make sure you are in the correct case as these are cAsE sEnSiTiVe.

The serial number (if visible) is a random number that we assign to each voucher and is used by us.

Voucher from the Online Voucher Shop are the same except it is not paper and you must down load it to your device to view it.