Terms and Conditions


One of the reasons for our success is that we have very low fuss basic terms and conditions. If you start to use our service after you bought a voucher or option, you accepted these terms and conditions.

Published rates can change anytime without prior warning. Active Vouchers, eVouchers and pre-paid Residents will not be affected by rate changes, and will stay valid until they run out. These basic terms may be altered without notification Dates and times of changes will be logged. History will also be kept for 3 months.

We provide you with a direct link to the Internet. We do not monitor, in any way, what so ever, anything that comes from and  goes to your connected device/s. It is therefore important to note that the total protection for your device from any possible threat, or content, from the Internet is entirely your responsibility.

ACCEPT – In the light of the legal action currently going on in South Africa with regard to copy rights, the following: Any device that we find that connect to our network – authorized or not – that is active with BITTorrents (or similar by any name) will be banned from the network permanently and where applicable NO compensation will be available to the device or voucher owner. PLEASE make sure that YOU and YOUR device do not use any form of BITTorrent.

We are under no circumstances responsible, in any way, for the content you receive or send over Internet connections we provide. No where in our network do we store any (Internet) content. There are no proxy servers. We do not tolerate any form of unsoliseted emails (SPAM) sent by anyone from our network, you will be suspended from using our network immediatly when you send spam.

Your device and its contents is your property and we are in no way responsible for it, nor can we provide support for you on it. This is actually an important point – we will make sure our network keep up with changes and advances in technology. Please make sure you know how your device work, we do not do support on any client devices.

We reserve the right to terminate (or restore) the connectivity of any device/s at any time without having to provide a reason.

We are reliant on electricity, upstream communication and service providers to provide this service. Should we loose any of these we will attempt to communicate the status with you. Please ensure that we have your South African cell phone number. WysJouNetwork status announcements are done on the log-in page. There is also a page on our web site that we keep a log of our network condition, please be sure to check it out. We have limited backup for everything under our control. Please take note of that. Also See point 8.

The nature of wireless communication is such that it can be disrupted by many factors. We, or you, may not be able to predict or avoid such disruptions. If wireless disruptions occur, we may not be able to  avoid or fix  them, and can not be held responsible for such.

Since the Internet is an electronic medium with multilayered telecommunications links among sites, it is subject to disruption in service delivery beyond our control. WysJouNet makes every effort, to provide a stable and effective Internet service for its customers.

Although we have an availability of this WiFi network service of 99.98% and strive to keep it that way and better, we can not guarantee it, and your reliance (dependence) on it will not be our responsibility.

Your buying of a Voucher, eVoucher or Resident service constitutes your acceptance of these basic conditions.

You purchase the USB device or REPEATER device from us, and install it on you computer or premises, and use it. When you are done you return the device and we will buy it back from you for the purchase price minus R5 per day for the time you used it. If you do not return it, it is yours to keep anyway. If you loose or damage the device, it is still yours to keep anyway. We will only buy it back if it is in 100% working condition and is undamaged. We have different types of wireless devices available and the purchase price varies. Device availability and price can be queried from the office or here. You are responsible for the wireless device installation on your device or premises. Our support with this can not be assumed. It might happen that the wireless USB device can not be installed on your device. In that case you will need the repeater, also available from us, or your device will not work on our WiFi network.

In cases where you connect to our WiFi Network through the use of a dedicated wireless link to one of our towers (high sight) you need to consult with us first to establish installation, technical detail and cost.

If, during the validity period of a Voucher eVoucher or 90 day pre-payment period, you move from where you were using the service, you might move out of our WiFi signal area, in such a case, you will loose your pre-paid access. We only deliver a service inside our signal coverage area.

Users are responsible to make sure they can consume the amount of bandwidth they bought in the 30 day period, before it expires. We will not sell you more bandwidth than that what we can deliver in a 30 day period. Users consumption must be done on a regular basis throughout the 30 day period. We may not be able to deliver your quota in the time you have left before your 30 days expire, and is not responsible for the resulting bandwidth lost.

13,  14 and 15. Top up for Residents no longer required

All Vouchers are a serialised document that contain all the information needed to access our WiFi network. Care should be taken with this voucher since it can be used by anyone. If a Voucher is lost or destroyed please let us know, we will only be able to terminate it once it is reported. Please take care of your vouchers. The voucher for the duration of its validity period is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser/user. Vouchers not used within 30 days after been bought will be considered lost and deleted from our systems.

Usage is expressed in binary values i.e.: 1024 Megabyte = 1 Gigabyte or 256 Megabyte = ¼ Gigabyte. Amounts of data (usage) sent and received make up the usage value. Example: 1024 Bytes X 1024 Bytes X 1024 Bytes = 1073741824 Bytes = 1 Giga Byte.

Here are some definitions. Uncapped is only for the Day Options, all other options are CAPPED.
Capped refers to products that have a predetermined limit imposed, and once a user reaches this limit, connectivity is severed completely – much like pre-paid electricity or cell phone pre-paid airtime bundles.
Uncapped refers to products where predetermined limits may still be relevant, but connectivity is never severed. It does, however, appear to be common practice for service providers to reduce speeds when thresholds are reached.
Unlimited appears to refer to products that have a bare minimum of control measures imposed by service providers. These packages seem to be the most expensive generally speaking, and users tend to be able to surf or download as much as they want with virtually no interference, irrespective of how much data has been used.

Refunds. If granted, will happen in the same media it was received if possible, and only after the funds (such monies) are secured (properly received) by us. Refunds may also be done in cash or by EFT to your bank when you provide sush detail.