What do I do next

I want to use your Wi-Fi service what do I do next?

We have had a lot of requests for help with connecting to our Wi-Fi hotspots. Naturally we want the business. It is however not a option for us to run a call center because of the cost. We therefore rely on people to be able to help themselves with the basic stuff, especially when it comes to the devices they own and use to browse the Internet. To acquaint yourself therefore with this topic will need you to read and spend time with your device.

There is just one Internet and to browse it your device must be connected to it. There are various ways to do this however the connection method we use and discuss here is “Wi-Fi” Wi-Fi is a radio signal that your device pick up AND send out. This radio signal carry the information to and from the Internet.

It is very much the same a cell phone. Cell phones also pick up and send out radio signals. If the signals coming to, or going from, the phone are not good, the phone conversation “breaks up”. This is the same for Wi-Fi signals!

It is therefor very important to understand that both our signal to your device AND your device signal back to us must be good for successful browsing of the Internet.

To access the Internet is simple: 1) Connect to our hotspot and, 2) Through our hotspot with a username and password, gain access to the Internet.

You need to make sure You know how your device work. We can not help you with that.

1) You must know how to work your device to connect to “FishHoekAccommodation” amongst all the Wi-Fi access points that are available for your device from the place where you want to use it. It is almost like selecting 1 channel on the TV to watch THAT channel, amongst plenty other available channels.

2) You must be sure and satisfied that you can browse the Internet with the devices from the place you want to use it from, while you are connected to “FishHoekAccommodation” If you are connected to a “FishHoekAccommodation” hotspot and you can browse around this site, you have a suitable connection.

3) If you are comfortable with your own device and happy with the Wi-Fi signal strength then please proceed by clicking here.

If you can not manage past the above 3 points, we are not able to provide you with a service. In such a case you will need additional equipment to connect to our Wi-Fi network.