How to connect to a WiFi Hotspot

Connecting to a WiFi Hotspot

  • To get online at a WiFi Hotspot, your laptop or handheld device must support WiFi connectivity.
  • Make sure your device’s WiFi functionality is switched on, and “Flight Mode” or “Airplane Mode” is disabled.
  • See on your device the names of all the WiFi hotspots in the vicinity of your device. There might be a few.
  • Check on your voucher for the correct hotspot name and connect to it, it is a “Open” network. If the name on the voucher is not in the list of hotspot names on your device, your voucher cannot be used in the position you are at. If you do not have a voucher, look for FishHoekAccommodation, Upper Deck, Tuscan Villa, Pepper Tree or Tranquility.
  • Make sure that “Cookies” are enabled on your internet browser, and “DHCP” is enabled on your device. We use cookies ONLY to enable your device to log in to the network automatically, and for NOTHING else.
  • Once connected, devices behave differently. What you want is a log in screen to appear in your device’s Internet browser. If your device does not present you with this screen automatically, open the browser manually and do a refresh. To get the log in screen manually, point your browser to and press enter.
  • Once connected and you have an App on your device that can read QR codes you can use this App to log in to the network with the QR code printed on your voucher. An App named “QRbot” will do the job for Android and iOS devices. OR
  • Once connected and the log in screen visible, use the username and password on your voucher to gain access.

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