WiFi for Visitors

WiFi for Visitors 

WiFi for visitors to Fish Hoek is available. A number of guest accommodation establishments and the Fish Hoek beach area have our WiFi is available.

Visitors need to buy a voucher to get access to our Wi-Fi network.

This can be done from the online voucher shop (If in stock)  or for cash only from Cottage 33 (Cleo’s), Mrs Barbara Stock everyday 09h00 to 21h00, Sea Side Cottages.

More on WiFi for Fish Hoek visitors here.

Following is the voucher options and prices available to visitors:

All Options Available

Please make your choices to see the value.

Buy your voucher NOW visit the Online Voucher Shop

Zero values mean that we CAN NOT supply you with WiFi.  However if you are happy that your device work from where you are, buy a voucher now.

Permanent residents look here.