Control Panel

The Control Panel

The Control Panel provide you with some very basic information and you can also set and change some detail.

This page is accessible from the log on page you will receive when you are connected to one of our hotspots while you are in our signal range. THIS IS ALSO THE PAGE YOU MUST USE TO LOGON ON TO THE NETWORK TO USE THE INTERNET. Come back to this page after you visited the Control Panel.

The Control Panel button is at the bottom of the login page. Click on it and……

Internet Logon Screen
Use this screen to login to The WysJouNet network to use the Internet

……… you will be presented with a different WysJouNet logon screen.

Control Panel Login Screen
Use your username and password to log in to your Control Panel

Here you use your voucher username and password to log in to the Control Panel. If you are a Resident user user your usual username and password.

Once logged in, you will have options to view and change some info.

1) This is the first page you will see when you enter your Control Panel. The most important things you can see here is the amount you have used. The money (paid) options are not in use and will show zero.

Control Panel Summary
This is the first screen you will get when you enter your Control Panel


The next TAB in the top row, is the Profile tab. Here you can see the usage Profile that you are on. The Option you bought and the limitations of the Option is show. To see how much you have left you can do the math and subtract to usage on the Summary TAB from the Option limitation – Total

Control Panel Profile
Here you can see the Option and its limitations of what you bought


The next TAB in the top row, is the Sessions TAB. Here you can see the detail of each connection from each device that you allowed to use your username and password.

Control Panel Sessions
This is the detail of all your connections.


The next TAB in the top row, is the Payments TAB. This is not used on the Control Panel and will show zero’s.

Control Panel Payments
This is not implemented on your Control Panel so there will be no information available


The to TAB in the LEFT row, is the Settings TAB. If you want a usage report email to you this is where you must provide information: Provide you First Name, Last Name and Email address CORRECTLY. The other information is optional.

You can also change you Password here. Remember to click SAVE.

Control Panel Setings
Here you can provide information to receive usage reports by email and to change your password.

6) The bottom TAB in the top row, is the Logout TAB. Once you logged out of the Control Panel you must BACK on your browser to get the hotspot LOGON page to sign on and use the Internet.