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“Work is required to succeed”

About Us

WysJouNet and Fish Hoek Accommodation collaborate to bring you this wireless Internet Access (Wifi) service. Here is something about us: For more information about Fish Hoek Accommodation you can visit  their website here.

After 6 years of providing private wireless Internet access in Fish Hoek, we went public with this wireless Internet access in Fish Hoek in September 2011. Since then our service and offering matured and became stable. We keep up with constant changes in technology and customer needs.

Our wireless Internet access (WiFi) Base stations are in strategic places as to service the more densely populated areas of Fish Hoek. If you think that your neighbourhood can make use of one of our WiFi base stations, please contact, email, us.

Contact Us

WysJouNet was started by, and is operated by Paul Jacobs, trading as, WysJouNet(works). You can reach Paul through any of the  Fish Hoek Accommodation establishments or send an email to him. Email is really the best way to reach WysJouNet. We do not offer call centre or telephonic support, as that would have a direct influence on our rates.

Land Mail Address: Cottage 33, Sea Side Cottages, Peter Creese Way, Fish Hoek, 7985.

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 About Us and Contact Us