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About Wireless Internet Access in Fish Hoek

Q: Please can you make me undeteclable on your fish hoek accommodation, as it constantly screws up with my wi-fi connection and I cannot get connection because your invasive site keeps on taking over. I do not need nor do I want your coverage as it is useless to me, so please do something about it immediately. And please do not hound me with useless phone call or e-mails, just remove me from your redicilous connection ability

Note: Above question not moderated.

A: WiFi is like a television set. You must tune your TV to the channels you want. All the channels are available. The same with WiFi you must set your OWN device to the WiFi you want. There are far more than 50 channels (WiFi SSID’s) available in Fish Hoek. We are just one. You can only remove yourself by knowing how to set your own device. We have NO control over, or knowledge, of your device.

Q: Why have you not answered my inquiry?

A: Most common cause is miss-spelled/missing Email address and or cell phone numbers, followed by insufficient details provided, followed by highly sensitive firewalls of mail providers. Please ensure the correct spelling of your Email address, provide all details required correctly on the inquiry form and check your junk mail box.

Q: I bought a voucher but my device/s will not work, what do I do now?

A: We provide ample opportunity to test your device/s for free on our network, so before you buy you must be certain that your device will connect to your satisfaction from the place where you want to use it. If you are not happy with the connection, do not buy our vouchers.

If you require assistance please contact us, we might be able to make suggestions.

If the voucher has been used just once or is lost additional consideration will be needed to establish if a refund will be granted. After verification unused vouchers might be refunded in whole or in part.

Q: Is it safe for me to do my banking over your unsecured network?

A: The short answer is “Yes” The way it is done is by using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) This happen automatically. Without getting too techie, when you are at a web site that starts with HTTPS  then your data is encrypted using SSL. All banks use this. This mean that ALL information between your computer and the web site you are connecting to is encrypted and therefor safe. Many other web sites use this also. Most of the information (browsing) that comes and goes from  you (and billions of other web users) are not of a sensitive nature so no encryption is needed. When ever sensitive information are on the “air” it will be using SSL. We also encrypt your user-name and password when you log on.  For example: When you go to log into your Facebook account the log-in button actually takes you to a web page that starts with https://, which encrypts your user-name and password so that hackers can’t sniff it as it gets transmitted from your computer to the wireless access point and then on to Facebook.

Q: Can I buy Internet Access online?

A: This facility is temporarily unavailable. Yes. Go here: Online Voucher Shop

Q: How much should I buy, I am a visitor, and what am I actually buying?

A: All our vouchers are valid for 15 days. So you are buying the amount of information that you can send and receive in a 15 day period. For simplicity we sell these amounts measured in Mega Bytes or Giga Bytes. As a visitor, you can buy a, half (0.5),  1, 2 or 3 Giga byte vouchers. Most people use about 1 Giga Byte, or more, in a month. This however all depend on your web surfing and Internet usage habits. A ruff guide would therefor be to buy a half a (0.5) Gig if you need Internet for a week.

Q: What is “capped” and “uncapped”

A: Here are some defenitions. We ONLY offer CAPPED.
Capped refers to products that have a predetermined limit imposed, and once a user reaches this limit, connectivity is severed completely – much like pre-paid electricity or cell phone pre-paid airtime bundles.
Uncapped refers to products where predetermined limits may still be relevant, but connectivity is never severed. It does, however, appear to be common practice for service providers to reduce speeds when thresholds are reached. – And one more, in case you wondered ……
Unlimited appears to refer to products that have a bare minimum of control measures imposed by service providers. These packages seem to be the most expensive generally speaking, and users tend to be able to surf or download as much as they want with virtually no interference, irrespective of how much data has been used. Also referred to as “Unmetered”

Q: How do I check what I have left/used?

A: On the log-in, status and log off screens there is a button Control Panel for existing resident users to click on. Remember to add your send and received amounts and to subtract that from the amount you bought to see how much you have left. This is for existing resident customers ONLY. In your control panel you can change your password provide other detail. If you want usage reports emailed provide ALL the personal detail correctly.

You can also see your current usage figures.

Q: Can I have a report sent, SMSed or Emailed to me about my usage?

A: Yes. This report can ONLY be emailed – NOT SMSed. For this to happen you must be an existing resident user. In your  Control Panel you must provide your 1st and last names and your email address correctly. Also see Control Panel.

Q: Where can I buy access?

A: When you are in our WiFi zone footprint (Zone, Coverage Area), you receive a log-in screen. Follow the button to the information page. There you will see prices and places to get your vouchers from Cottage 33, 09h00 to 21h00 daily. Else email us.

Q: Can I change my password?

A: Yes. Follow the link on the sign-on, status or logged Off screens for existing residential customers named  Control Panel. You can also update your personal information. If nothing else please provide your first name and your South Africa cell phone number, this will enable us to communicate with you if and when needed.

Q: Can I choose my own user-name?

A: For casual (voucher) users the answer is no. For our longer term (residential) clients the answer is yes. Once chosen it can not be changed. Or email us.

Q: Can I get access from more than one device with the same user-name and password?

A: Yes, the standard amount is 4 devices.

Q: I can not get my device to work on your network, and I have good wireless signal, can you show me how to do it, or help me?

A: By far the most of our users connect without help. We can not provide help to individuals and the vast variety of devices that connect to our network. We do not operate a call centre. email us if you are really stuck.

Q: How will I know that my device connect to your network sufficiently that I can successfully surf the Internet reliably?

A: This web site can be accessed for free from the log-in page Browse these pages, to test your connection. When this test work to your satisfaction, you know that your device and our network work well together from the position where you are at. To do this test you must be inside our WiFi zone and connected to our network.

Q: Your WiFi signal is very weak, what can I do.

A: There are two answers here. 1) The position you are in is just not good enough for WiFi to work. It is much the same as Cell phones, sometimes if you move your device around the signal gets better and you may connect/talk. and / or 2) WiFi also like Cell phones, the WiFi device need to not only receive the signal from us, but we also need to receive the signal from your device, so if both signals are too weak, connection may not be possible. In some cases this problem may be overcome with additional equipment at your premises. We have several users that use additional equipment to work, so please contact us if you need help in this regard.

Q: I can down load email with the email program (client) on my device, but I get an error when I want to send an email. What is wrong?

A: Email clients or programs on your device need to identify themselves to the Internet before they can send post. Likewise the same email program must collect mail from the correct (your) email box, and therefore must identify and authorize the correct email box.

People that send unwanted emails (spam) must also identify themselves before they can send SPAM. And in this case they use our identification to send their junk. Our upstream suppliers AND us can not tolerate that, and therefore we have disabled our sending email identity.

This maybe why you can not send emails, because you can not use your identity and ours are disabled. This is very unfortunate because all users may suffer because of one dishonest person.

There are some options for you to try and overcome this problem: 1) Use web-mail like Gmail or Hotmail and many others, there are no restrictions on web-mail usage, OR 2) Change the SMTP server in your email client. Please note that this may NOT solve your problem.

Q: I stay in Fish Hoek for more than 30 days but not quite 90 days, can you give me access?

A: Yes. But only at visitor rates.

Q: Can I use my PlayStation III® (Registered trade mark of the Sony Corporation) over your network

A: Yes. You can log-on to our wireless network as you would with any other wireless enabled device, play games, and browse the net. Your PlayStation must have sufficient signal strength to connect properly.

Updating you PSIII software will not always be possible. The best would be to download the update on your normal computer, transfer to update to a USB flash drive and then do the PSIII update with the flash drive. Visit your play stations web site for more information.

Q: I am a visitor to Fish Hoek but I do not want to buy and pre-pay for access and usage for 3 months. Why will you not accommodate me? Surely you want the business!!

A: Our resident clients are our most loyal customers. Visitors are welcome, no doubt about that. Our rates to residents are very good and we need to protect them. We never see or meet 99% of our customers residents or visitors. The only way therefore that we can differentiate between visitors and residents is by making our offer for more usage per 30 days and make it pre-paid for three, 30 day periods to residents. Residents gladly do this and clearly visitors will not pay for usage they will never receive since they will not be around for that long.

The 3 month period is what we have come to through research and collaboration with various accommodation establishments. So mostly people that stay in Fish Hoek for longer than 3 months are not visitors, or are most likely residents.  We have found that visitors that do stay for 3 months or longer do buy our options for residents.


Q: What is a WiFi Access Voucher?

A: Anytime Vouchers and Anytime eVouchers  are a serialized documents that contain all the information needed to access our WiFi network. Care should be taken with this voucher since it can be used by anyone. If a voucher is lost or destroyed please let us know, we will only be able to terminate it once it is reported. Please take care of your vouchers.

Q: My Apple iDevice (iPhones and iPads) connects but with problems, why is your Network not accepting my Apple iDevice?

A: Our network comply 100% and more to international standards. There are known and documented issues with some iDevices and different Apple Operating System versions. We have made some adjustments to our Network to overcome most of these difficulties.

Q: I need a constant Internet connection, can you guarantee that?

A: NO. Since the Internet is an electronic medium with multilayered telecommunications links among sites, it is subject to disruption in service delivery beyond our control. WysJouNet makes every effort, however, to provide a stable and effective Internet service for its customers.

We have an above 99% up (availability) record, an do everything to keep it there and higher.

We will notify you through the log in page, when we need to do maintenance on our network and that it will be down for a period of time.

A prolonged power failiure, a damaged under sea cable and many other things, under our control or not, are completely unpredictable and during such events we follow every possible route to restore the service.

If you need to do crucially important  transactions on the Internet do them well in time before things become critical.

Q: I keep on buying vouchers and they run out in no time at all, I am throwing my money into a bottomless pit!!!what is going on?

A: The main cause (most common reason) for this is that the device you use on our network do its own updates automatically. It is your responsibility to know how to your device works (to en- or dis-able this function) and how much it will use for an update.

There are also other reasons why usage can be very high.